Bunge Növényolajipari Zrt. (formerly Cereol Rt.) is owned by Bunge Limited, the world's biggest oilseed processing company. Beside Europe, Bunge is active in the USA, Canada, South America and India as well.

Bunge Limited's activities range from agricultural commodity trading to soybean and oilseed processing and selling end-products such as various bottled edible oils, animal feeds with vegetable protein content and lecithin and protein products for human use.

Bunge's main strengths include:

- integrated divisions
- geographical diversification
- strong, well-known brands
- high quality of engineering competence and processing technology
- active presence on the developing and the advanced markets

The predecessor of Bunge Zrt., Cereol Rt. was founded in 1992 with the privatization of the oilseed processing and bottling division of the state-owned Vegetable Oil and Detergent Company (Növényolajipari és Mosószergyártó Vállalat).

The Martfű plant is the center of Bunge's processing activity. This factory produces crude vegetable oils by processing Hungarian sunflower and rape seed, oilseed meals for animal feeds and the main brands: Floriol and Vénusz bottled oils, which are well-known in Hungary and other countries as well.

The processing capacity of Bunge Zrt. can satisfy all consumer demand in Hungary. In order to continuously assure the excellent quality of the products, the company uses the ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system.

The most important objective of Bunge Zrt. is to satisfy the continuously changing consumer needs in Hungary. Beside this, Bunge Rt. places great emphasis on meeting the expectations of all its partners and the Hungarian society.